Italy Travel Tip: Be Open

By Halie Taylor

Traveling to Italy? One tip: Be Open

Did you know there are women all over Italy right now stomping grapes, sipping espresso or riding on a Vespa while others are laying out on the coast, walking the countryside or shopping in the city center? Women who are learning about themselves, embracing the Italian culture and experiencing life through a whole new lens.

Italy offers life changing moments which is why it should be a destination that’s top on your list.

However, if you’re planning a trip to Italy it’s so important that you keep this one thing in mind: be open. Yes, you read that right, but I’ll say it again. Be open. Probably not the tip you were expecting, right? There are plenty of articles about the best clothes to pack, the best places to stay, the premier restaurants or the funnest activities to do. And these are all great. Actually, they’re really great tips and you’ll probably find yourself thankful you checked out some of them, but when your plans go awry, the museum you wanted to go in is too crowded or the restaurant you saw everyone at is too expensive, one tip will remain: be open.

I know, I know. It seems like a vague tip and you’re probably asking yourself what this chick is even talking about. Bear with me. When traveling to Italy you’ll find yourself amongst phenomenal people and amazing areas, but there’s also so much more than that. By being open to doing things you hadn’t planned you’ll find yourself learning more about yourself, about others and about the world. You know that museum you couldn’t get into? Well, meander down the street a ways and you’ll find a small shop with authentic, hand crafted Italian goods. Oh, and that restaurant that was overpriced? Don’t worry, get on that vespa you rented and drive yourself to that little small, family owned cafe you saw earlier in the week.

By being open you’ll turn an empty hour into a life changing moment and a week vacation into an authentic experience.

You’ll land upon scenery you could only imagine in your dreams. You’ll learn idea changing cultural similarities and differences you could never read in a book. Most of all, you’ll learn that Italy can mold you into a better person and a better woman. Set your trip to Italy up for success and be open.

Travel Italian Style is ready to help you have an open mindset while you travel through Italy.


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Halie is the Travel Marketing Trends Coordinator for Travel Italian Style and is currently a senior at College of Charleston in Charleston, SC where she is majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Living in Charleston, Halie developed a love for beautiful scenery and unique culture. This love led her to her passion for travel which allows her to discover beautiful scenery and unique cultures in places all over the world. When she is not daydreaming about her next traveling adventure she can be found redoing warn out furniture found on the side of the road, writing fiction and attempting Pinterest crafts.