7 Tips to Feel Empowered Before Even Boarding That Plane

By Leora Kahn



Does your outfit really have an impact on your confidence? Sure does. Globetrotting Stiletto founder + creator, Metanoya Z. Webb, recently caught up with our very own Leora from Travel Italian Style to explore the different ways you can increase your confidence while globetrotting. Whether you’re setting out solo or finally taking that romantic baecay, keep reading for her seven essential tips.

Give Thought To Your Wardrobe

A HUGE factor in feeling confident prior to your trip, is being aware of what items you brought, and knowing how to assemble them! The key is to feel comfortable, temperature wise. Metanoya suggests climate control breezy fabrics, with a pop of color to incorporate your own style. She says, “I recommend trying on your outfits before you leave. Stand in front of your mirror and feel confident with what you bring with you. Even if you decide not to wear an outfit you brought, at least you know your options!” (We know this to be so true, right ladies?)

Be Adventurous

There are fashion statements out there that some of us are dying to experiment with. And what better time to do it, then in a foreign country, surrounded by strangers?! Metanoya advises, "If you get a positive response, that's a good thing. Just make sure you're courageous enough to rock the look when you return home."



See More, Understand More

Metanoya says, “When you are abroad, make sure you soak in as much as possible. You do not know when the opportunity will present itself again, and that is super important.” She really emphasizes the willingness to just have fun. People go on these fabulous vacations in order to re-vamp their lives, to learn more about themselves, and add a bit of excitement into their day-to-day routines. Metanoya says, “Especially in Italy, take advantage of the culture and just live. You will be okay, I promise.”



Women, In Particular, Need To Keep An Open Mind

We must be willing to explore, do things we would normally be afraid to do. Assess those calculated risks, and make them. Live on the wild side. I’m not talking about anything too crazy here! But don’t you dare surround yourself in a beautiful new culture and never leave the comfort of room service in your resort. After all, travel is a temporary situation, so put your reservations aside for once! Metanoya says, “Allow yourself to live, and be yourself. Especially on those girl’s trips, set your deepest fears aside, open yourself up to a whole new way of adventure and being.”

Bring Lessons Home

Travel helps you to become a more courageous person. Metanoya emphasizes taking calculated risks abroad and then incorporating that technique into your life back home. She says,  “Feel confident in your decisions and trust yourself. You’re more aware than you think.”



Treasure The Simple Things

Metanoya likes to collect objects from her travels as a constant reminder to incorporate a piece of a destination's culture into her every day life. She collects shells and coral, for example, from coastal countries, to remind her to slow down and just chill. She recommends, "when traveling, take a moment each day to become more in tune with what you need as a human vs. what you require as a professional. You're a person first."

Take A Cooking Class!

Speaking of bringing culture back home, learn how to cook real Italian food from the source. Bring back a fabulous Italian recipe to impress your friends and family!


Overall, Metanoya advises us to collect not materialistic things, but memories. She recommends us women to consume ourselves in the relaxed and humble Italian culture, and then incorporate this into our every day lives upon returning home. Think happy, be happy.

Leora is the Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for Travel Italian Style and is a Marketing student at James Madison University. In the spring of 2015, she was accepted to study business in Antwerp, Belgium, which allowed her to explore Europe and open her eyes to new opportunities and experiences. Needless to say, she is now consumed with a passion to travel! Leora loves to document her travel stories through all types of social media in order to share with everyone the happiness that accompanies exploration.  Leora spent time travelling through 11 countries during her time abroad, while Italy was hands down her favorite due to the blissful culture, beautiful scenery, and tasty food. She cannot wait to visit again soon!