Full Immersion: Combining Travel with Language!

Learning Italian can help you better experience the Italian culture and truly live the same lifestyle as the locals! Read more about Sarah's experience with Italian language learning, and some tips for those who want to learn for themselves!

To start you off, here's a few common Italian phrases/questions!


Buongiorno - Good morning/Good day

Come stai? - How are you? 

Hai wifi? - Do you have wifi?

Dov'é il Colosseo? - Where is the Colosseum? 


Many people in reference to Italian travel say to me,

"I don't speak any Italian. How would I communicate/ask for directions/order food?"

And so on...

It can feel a bit overwhelming to try and pick up some key phrases to help you on your journey. Or even if you do, it can be nerve racking to speak to an Italian because you're afraid to sound silly! 

That should never make you shy away though. Lucky for those of us with a native English tongue, a large quantity of Italians, and Europeans in general, speak English or some at least. They actually crack me up when they say their English is really bad, yet I've just had a full on conversation with them. 

I was feeling a bit shy to have in depth conversations in Italian because of that fear of making mistakes and sounding silly. So I decided to enroll in school. I think school at any age is incredible because it's constant stimulation and growth! Plus the Italian language is among the most beautiful in the world. 

And you could have an amazing afternoon study view like this!

And you could have an amazing afternoon study view like this!

 Enrolling into an Italian language and culture school would be an incredible way to explore Italy and all of it's splendor. Whether it was for a day, 2 weeks, a month, or 3 months +. How fun to be a student in Italy for a bit?! Study a few hours of Italian in the morning and then go off and explore the rest of the day. Sounds good to me! The wonderful thing about the cultural schools in Italy is that they offer excursions, day trips and tours around the city or town you decide to inhabit on your trip. 

If going to school everyday isn't exactly your idea of a vacation, fair enough.

Our tour through Tuscany could help you learn useful new words!

Our tour through Tuscany could help you learn useful new words!

Another great alternative would be to hop on one of our tours that first offers learning some of the key Italian words and expressions needed for everyday and the necessary pronunciations. Then to learn different expressions on different day trips. Per esampio (For example) As part of your day trip to a winery you can learn key phrases and different Italian words like grape (uva). Then learn how to order your favorite wine in a restaurant along with other common questions asked at dinner. With these lessons you will get a print out with what you've learned for the day. With each day trip you would get another print out with the new words and expressions to keep and review to use on your own. 

Full immersion is the best way to really absorb the culture! Not to mention showing off your knowledge and effortless tongue rolls to your family and friends.




Meet Sarah

It took one trip to Italy, four years ago to know Italy and a traveler’s lifestyle was the one for me! I now live in Florence for half of the year and I am a complete fein for that city. I value the time I spend with friends letting the hours pass chatting, and people watching in my favorite Piazza Santo Spirito. Of course accompanied by a yummy meat and cheese board, and Sangiovese wine. I adore European travel, finding the best spots to eat, good tunes, espresso, and all black attire. I love to document my daily life and travel on Instagram s.elizabeth.j. Sarah can also be found making connections for Travel Italian Style around Italy (as our Business Relations Coordinator)