Top 8 Travel Myths

Common travel myths that need to be addressed.

Don't let travel myths spoil your travel plans.

1. “Traveling is too Expensive”

People are constantly making excuses when it comes down to travelling and this myth tends to be the most popular one. Traveling is all about the journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot along the way. There are so many ways to avoid the high expenses and still travel the way you want to! Flights will always be one of the biggest expenses when it comes to travelling overseas, but still does not have to be the biggest burden. There are many deals, tricks, and hints about flying that can save you a lot of money. We are a fan of Nomadic Matt's suggestions. He has done some research of his own that can help you out here: To see our flight finding hacks, join our mailing list!

In Europe, especially in Italy, eating does not have to be expensive either! There are many local markets that contain some of the tastiest meats and produce for a very low cost. You don’t have to sacrifice your idea of luxury to lower your cost of accommodation. There are many different lodging options that are cheaper, more fun, and give off a local and authentic feel. You can look into AirBnbs, and Bed and Breakfast which leads us to our next myth…

2. “Airbnbs and B&Bs are not luxury travel”

Luxury travel does not have to be all 5 Star hotels with a plethora of pools, restaurants, and spas. Luxury travel can also be authentic and simple. is a website that rents out apartments or rooms by local families who simply want to share their homes in order for you to have an experience of a lifetime in their own town! These comfy apartments and rooms can range from a studio apartment to a 5 room villa…nothing short of a luxurious accommodation. Did you happen to catch the Super Bowl 50 half time show?! Queen B herself stayed at an Airbnb in California during her stay for the Super Bowl! Tell me that doesn’t say luxurious!

Bed and Breakfasts are also a way to be able to better embrace Italy and have an authentic and luxurious stay in the hills of Tuscany, the coast of Positano, or the city center of Sicily. On you can search through pictures of specific B&Bs in a destination of your choosing. All of the B&Bs that Travel Italian Style uses as accommodations for their travelers, are luxurious. For example, the new Travel Italian Style trip to Puglia has chosen a 1500s farmhouse in the country side of Ostuni. . This Bed and Breakfast style farmhouse is a prime example of a luxury B&B…it might finally change your perspective of luxury accommodations!



3. “Travelling in Italy can be too cliché”

Many people have Italy on their bucket list, but some may say that it is too cliché of a country to travel to because they want a ‘more unique’ traveling experience. I can tell you right away that Italy is the furthest thing from cliché. It is a country that is full of hidden gems and has more unique cities to dive into and explore than ‘cliché’ ones. Even the most popular ones, like Rome, Naples, Florence, and Milan have secret spots that you will never fully be able to conquer. Traveling like a local is an adventure that can never seize to excite its travelers. Keeping an open mind to any city is the key to finding its treasures. Some city suggestions to keep it less ‘cliché’:

  • Verona (Find love and send your own letter to Juliet)

  • Alberobello (Located in Puglia, the boot of Italy, and is home to the ‘trulli’, which are the famous white limestone houses)

  • Bologna (This foodie city gives off a medieval and uniqe vibe)

  • Noto (Sicily’s historical gem full of wine, olive oil and culture)



4. “If I cannot walk far, I cannot travel Italy”

If you are not fond of walking a lot, or physically cannot, and think that in order to see Italy you have to be extremely fit and active, that’s not the case! Yes, there is a lot of walking done in and around Italy because it tends to be convenient. However, there are so many more ways to get around than by walking. There are busses, shuttles, bike tours, and the best…VESPA tours! Who wouldn’t want to see Italy like a local on one of those cool rides? You also can choose smaller cities to do walking tours in like Verona. Some areas, like Cinque Terre, are seen as hiking areas but it is not necessary to hike from city to city. There are trains and ferries to get from one to the other! Italy also has so many different beach towns that you could relax on, or wine tours and olive oil tastings that have planned transportation for you!

5. “If I have a food allergy, I can’t eat Italian food”

Pizza, Pasta, Parmesan, and wine! These are a few things that come to mind when I think of true Italian food! Even though these are popular Italian dishes, there is so much more to their cuisine that these! If you are a celiac (need to be gluten free), there are amazing alternatives that are also authentically Italian, like the Florentine steak! Also, they have some of the best organic produce and make most items from scratch, unlike the processed food in the United States, so they have an easier time of customizing almost any item. No matter if you actually have an allergy or are just health conscious, you will still be able to be in awe of the impeccable Italian cuisine



6. “I can’t speak Italian, so I can’t travel through Italy”

Speaking another language is always a plus with jobs, traveling, and life in general. However, it is never a necessity when traveling through Italy. Most European cities, and many other nations around the world, speak English fluently. It is important to be able to speak English for many businesses due to the amount of English speaking tourists; therefore, you do not need to know how to speak Italian fluently. The Italians are also proud of their language and appreciate if you attempt to learn and use their language. The respect many local businesses have towards travelers who try to speak Italian can be the difference in a discount off a meal or a new local friendship! So don’t hold back!

7. "Too much planning, not enough time”

To search for a place to stay, restaurants to eat at, sights to see, and how to get to each can take a lot of your time. But there is one great solution that fixes all of these problems: using a travel company, or tour operator, like Travel Italian Style! Travel Italian Style will not only find you accommodations, transportations, and planned activities, but they will also go above and beyond to find authentic tours filled with artisan shops, local cuisines, and unique places that will turn your dreadful trip planning to a stress-free adventure!



8. “I only have a small window open for vacation, so I don’t have time to embrace Italy”

We all get busy with life whether it’s a career, family, or certain time crunching hobbies, but nothing should stop you from taking your adventure of a lifetime! Many people view traveling as a long and time consuming event that only results in being more tired than you were when you left. With Travel Italian Style, you can choose one of many set 7 day excursions. These trips are only a week but filled with plethora of different activities. Anything from a relaxing day on the beach with meditation and taking in the sun to a walking tour around the city filled with wine and olive oil tastings. If you want something different or are more time crunched, there are even more options with a customizable tour! These tours can range in a certain amount of days and work around your schedule. While embracing the Italian culture, you will also be able to learn more about yourself and come back with a new perspective!

Don't let travel myths keep you from traveling to Italy!

Let Travel Italian Style show you that it's possible to have a unique and authentic Italian travel experience!

What are some travel myths that have kept you from traveling?

Meet Kelsey Gibson

Kelsey is the Part Time Assistant Travel Consultant for Travel Italian Style and a student at the University of Mississippi studying Hospitality Management with a minor in Spanish and Business Administration. Kelsey took part in an exchange program in Argentina in high school, which created a flourishing passion for travel and learning about other cultures. From then on, she took every advantage to study abroad and backpack around Europe. This past summer, Kelsey interned for a local restaurant, Touch, in Florence, Italy and fell in love with the Italian culture. She was able to have a real local experience by making friends with coworkers and locals. She wants to make it possible for everyone who travels to be completely immersed into the culture in order to gain another perspective and to be able to enjoy life even more!