6 Tips for Traveling in Style

Simple secrets that keep the Italians feeling & looking healthy during the summer heat!

Today the beauty secrets to travel is revealed By TIS Team Member Jess!

                  Heading out on an adventure in the upcoming months? Let Travel Italian Style help you look and feel your best by supplementing some traditional beauty travel tips with our own.

Whether you're soaking up the sun on the shores of New England, roaming through a Roman piazza, or scaling the mountains of South America, these tips will keep you looking and feeling great throughout your summer travels!

Love these Italian Must have's from hello

Love these Italian Must have's from hello


Traditional Tip 1: DRINK WATER. Perhaps one of the most universal health/beauty tips, drinking water hydrates you for long days meandering in piazzas or hiking up mountains. It is also  linked to shiny hair, glowing skin and an overall healthier body.



Italian's Say: BYOB (Bring your own bottle) Packing a reusable water bottle when traveling is cheaper, convenient and more eco friendly, it also allows you to stay hydrated in areas where tap water is known for making visitors sick. A bottle like Naglene's On the Go will allow you to fill up  frequently. Many travelers rave about Evian Spray, a mineral water that can be periodically sprayed onto skin to keep you looking and feeling hydrated even after a 10 hour flight.

TIS TIP: You will find natural/local fountains to fill up your bottle! Even while touring the ruins of Pompeii!

Traditional Tip 2: Limit your sprays and products. Airports are notoriously strict about products like shampoo and perfume  and unless you've packed under the allowed amount of product, you'll be forced to part with your two great loves -John Frieda and Dolce & Gabbana- when you check in.

Italian Travelers Say: Mini products for maximum efficiency. Most drugstores and supermarkets have a selection of miniature or travel sized items that are perfect for traveling. Chances are you won't go through a large bottle of shampoo or lotion over a 10 day trip so pick up smaller versions that will last you the trip, take up less space in your bag and can be easily discarded before heading home.

OR stay natural and leave the make-up at home ;)

TIS Tip: If traveling between cities in Italy or countries in Europe on budget airlines you may have to pay $$ to check in a bag (like a stupid amount of $$) so this is when the mini essentials really come in handy!

Traditional Tip 3: Wear a hat. Hats are a great way to protect your hair and skin from the heat while traveling but can also take up a lot of space in your luggage.

photo courtsey of MYFASHIONCENTS.COM

photo courtsey of MYFASHIONCENTS.COM

Italian Travelers Say 3: Headscarves are the way to go! Sweltering temperatures often lead to sweat and sweat leads to acne that makes you less likely to #nofilter your gorgeous vacation pictures that feature your gorgeous self. Chic and functional, head scarves keep hair and sweat contained and can help with relief from the sun. They are also significantly more compact than hats and can be thrown on quickly as a regular scarf for a brisk night.

TIS Tip: Turn this into a neck scarf or belt for Fall!

Traditional Tip 4: SPF Over everything. From the time we were little kids frolicking at the town pool with our friends, our moms stopped us to slather white, goopy sunscreen all over our bodies and as if that wasn't inconvenient enough, we then had to wait 20 whole minutes for it to "dry properly" (or maybe that was just my mom!)



Italian Travelers Say 4: No real argument here, SUNSCREEN IS SO IMPORTANT! (Although not all Italian's may agree with this statement--we know it's true ;) ) That being said, there are some easier ways to protect your skin than constantly remembering to reapply.  Fresh Lip Treatment offers a line of lip balms that have SPF 15 to keep your mouth protected and looking gorgeous for all of those duck faced vacation selfies that we don't want to admit we take. Bare Minerals 5 in 1 Cream Eyeshadow is another great product that protects our eyelids, which often go ignored in our sun screen slathering.

Bonus: It can be used as a primer for eye shadow or alone for a more natural, brightened look.




Traditional Tip 5: Travel Time= Tanning Time (TT). Even the most diligent of sunscreen users appreciate a good tan and returning home a bronze goddess is a surefire way to get people to ask "Did you just go on vacation?"

TIS Tip: Head to the 'beach' by the Arno in Florence if you can't make it to the seaside to keep up on your TT.

photo courtesy of 

photo courtesy of 

Italian Traveler's Say 5: A little fake bake never hurt nobody! If spending hours on a beach when what you really wanted to do is head to a landmark, museum or a tucked away bookstore is not appealing, Jergens Natural Glow has you covered! A daily moisturizer, the cream is designed for various skin tones to give you a gradual, natural looking tan. The company has also developed the cream in spray form and has products designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase tan longevity. The best part? Natural Glow is available in SPF 20!

Bonus Tips

 Essential oils: That's right! Many travelers swear by Sweet Orange Essential oils to get you energized for a hot summer day. So next time skip the caffeine and go for the pure scents of nature before heading to that paddle board!

(Please don't tell any Italian's we said skip the cafe ;) )

Save time for a Manicure in Italy: Nail salons are not common everywhere in Italy but if you are heading to Florence there is a great new spot Maniboo to fix all of you mani/pedi needs! (They even offer gel & serve an aperitif )

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Meet Jessica

Jessica comes from a large, loud Italian and Brazilian family that has inspired her desire to travel the world. An avid lover of Italian culture, feminism, iced coffee, pugs and all things cheetah print, she is very excited to be working with Travel Italian Style to coordinate research on Italian women and culture.