Meet Nicole: Creative Professional, Italy Travel Enthusiast

By Halie Taylor

Nicole Bauer: An Inspiring Female Professional and a Lover of All Things Italy

After being pre-med and taking a year off, Nicole did some serious soul searching. Did she want to stay in the medicine and science route? Or was she more passionate about doing something that would allow her to be creative? In the end she pushed aside any hesitancy or fear and leaped towards a career in the creative realm. As if fate was on her side, networking and friendships led Nicole to a position with Darling Magazine where she is now Online Managing Editor as well as a freelance writer in her spare time.



But feeding her passion for creativity isn’t her only desire, she also loves curating her passion for travel.

Travel can become a way to get outside of your usual routine, a way to realize that your way of doing things isn’t the only way. 

This is a concept that resonates with Nicole fully as she finds travel inspiring and a way to cultivate a new views of the world. Though her travels have taken her to a variety of places, Italy has left a permanent mark on Nicole. The streets at night, the pizza, a cup of espresso-it was all magical.

There was beauty everywhere and Nicole couldn’t get enough of it. Italy afforded Nicole the opportunity to live presently and to take nothing for granted, both of which had resounding effects on her which is why she full heartedly believes women should not be afraid to travel.



If it’s something like finances stopping you, Nicole suggests sitting down and giving yourself a budget. Slowly cut back on things you don’t need, buy less and save more. 

Travel can provide you with such amazing experiences, so buckle down and make a budget that will allow you to set off an your next adventure. 

However, if finances are the least of your worries and instead you’re experiencing anxiety because you just aren’t sure you’re able to travel alone, there’s hope! Instead of sitting down to come up with a budget, sit down and come up with the root of this fear.

Do you always need a distraction? Is there a particular person that you just can’t travel without? Are you scared of being alone with your insecurities? Travel can not only help you overcome all of these fears, it can also help you become the women you’ve always wanted to be.

You’ll find the unique parts of yourself and learn to love who you are. Besides you don’t have to travel completely alone, there are always tour groups like Travel Italian Style ready to extend a hand and to help you be all you can be!



Of course, it’s also important to know the practical side of things when traveling. Yes, traveling, especially to Italy, is a magical experience, but your experience can also be magnified by the right packing essentials and social cues to fit in.

Nicole’s must have items include: stylish, worn in shoes for all of the walking to be done, a book for the plane/train ride, a nice leather bag or backpack (you want your arms free while exploring the area) and a camera whether that be a phone or a good camera because you’ll want tangible photos to remember everything by. Once you’ve arrived in Italy with all of your essentials, prepare to immerse yourself into the Italian culture.

You don’t want to be just another annoying tourist, right? Nicole suggests that Italy travelers should be ready to adjust their eating times especially when it comes to dinner. Plan to arrive around 9:00pm at restaurants and you’ll be in the midst of the locals. Oh, and did you need to pay for that shirt you just found in that cute little local store? Be sure to place your money in the dish or bowl on the counter instead of handing it directly to the cashier. Nicole also points out that you should be very aware that you speak English, but those around you may not. Try to learn a few Italian phrases and use those as you wander around. You’ll connect with the locals and the more you try out the language, the more you’ll learn.



Italy is filled with culture, beauty and history. The small towns and the large cities can revive your soul like you’ve never thought possible.

Nicole’s Italian experience left a lasting imprint on her, just as other women’s journeys to Italy have done the same. Travel Italian Style hopes to offer Italian tours that are life-changing and with Nicole’s tips you’ll be fully prepared to immerse yourself in all Italy has to offer.


If you're ready to strip away your fears, pack your bag of essentials and practice your newly learned Italian social tips sign up for a tour with Travel Italian Style!

Halie is the Travel Marketing Trends Coordinator for Travel Italian Style and is currently a senior at College of Charleston in Charleston, SC where she is majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Living in Charleston, Halie developed a love for beautiful scenery and unique culture. This love led her to her passion for travel which allows her to discover beautiful scenery and unique cultures in places all over the world. When she is not daydreaming about her next traveling adventure she can be found redoing warn out furniture found on the side of the road, writing fiction and attempting Pinterest crafts.