Realize Your Dream Career

My advice on taking the first step towards finding a job you love to wake up to everyday!

As someone who is constantly striving to get to the next level in my life and business, my dream has always been to assist and encourage others to do the same!

On May 17th I had the honor of speaking to aspiring business professionals of the National Organization of Italian American Women at Cipriani on Wall Street in New York.

Following the talk, I had quite a bit of emails and messages asking for specific examples as to what steps I took in order to get where I am today. 

Since I believe that when you learn and succeed then you should teach and when you rise, well your duty is to lift others with you--I created this blog post.

Here you will find anything from business programs, internships, motivational quotes and even straight up advice. Now, just to be clear this is my personal opinion and steps that worked for me. Everyone has there own path.

I am simply sharing this information in hopes that a spark ignites in you!  Also, I understand there is a lot of information included here. Therefore, please comment below with any questions you may have.

As the Italian's say, In bucco al lupo (good luck). You got this!

This is me living my dream. Hosting my group on a tour of the amalfi coast (procida in this case to be exact)

This is me living my dream. Hosting my group on a tour of the amalfi coast (procida in this case to be exact)


Find a Mentor

We’ve all heard stories about the hardships of being a business owner. Stories about entrepreneurs subsisting on ramen noodles and peanut butter while they build their businesses. Or entrepreneurs who sadly go back to day jobs. Because despite their best efforts, they couldn’t get enough clients to help them pay the bills. Maybe you’re thinking it’ll take you years before your business will take off.  Here’s what I want you to know.Yes, starting a business takes a ton of work. You won’t make six figures overnight.

But at the same time – it doesn’t have to take forever. When you have the right mentorship and support, you can grow rapidly and become one of the next big success stories.

One person who can help you with this is my mentor Selena Soo -- a business + publicity strategist who created an amazing business in just two years! 

I took this course and I have to say the support from the group and the personal attention from Selena gave me the right encouragement I needed to take my biz to the next level. Selena is extremely generous and is currently holding some great webinars and even giving away  free information on how to follow her successful path. I hope this resonates with you, it did for me! :)

Sign up here for some great free info today!

Photo from S2 website

Photo from S2 website

Join a National Organization or Local Meet-Up. Find your Tribe! 

The National Organization of Italian American Women was a group that has given me a sense of belonging in New York that I never thought possible. The women in the group share my passion for Italy as well as my Italian heritage. It's amazing to be surrounded by others that not only get your path but also your family! As a member, I have been able to network in the industry and learn from other amazing women. 

Learn more here

Note: Not an Italian-American? No problem, I suggest doing a quick Google search on the Meet-Up or organization in your interest. Be sure to also think outside of your career field, consider your passion first! I am constantly networking outside of travel--this helps expand my business model and gain some insightful advice from other successful CEO's. 

Check out this link to find out easily how to discover the perfect meetup

Take a course in your speciality!

Being in the travel business I have been asked on many occasions for tips on how to travel the world for a living, specifically writing or blogging. 

I would love to give great advice, but being I am not actually a travel writer (I am a travel consultant and tour operator) this can be a bit difficult. However, I do have some friends in the industry that are very successful in this field!

In this case I would recommend travel icon, Matt Kepnes (known to you as Nomadic Matt). Here is your chance to learn from someone who has been named one of the top 100 travel bloggers in the world and his team of successful writing influencers.

The course goes over things like different writing forms, how to make a story flow, different ways to create a story and real life examples.

If this sounds of interest than join others that are passionate about travel writing, blogging and photographer here!

Note: If you are not in travel this should still give you a good idea of what is out there in the world. There are influencers in EVERY field ready to teach you the tricks of the trade. Bonus: Those interested in starting a travel consulting business keep on the look out for more insider tips from me later in the year! 

Photo courtesy of Nomadicmatt.com

Photo courtesy of Nomadicmatt.com

Travel with an Entrepreneur Focused Group

As a young professional it's important to gain experiences outside of the workforce as well as collaborate with other young professionals to grow your skills. Start Up Island allows young professionals to do just that. 

This great company holds multiple trips a year in which aspiring entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to travel, get to know their peers and be coached by phenomenal business leaders.

Check out how you can join a future trip here.

Picture courtesy of  Startup Island 

Picture courtesy of  Startup Island 


Internships are the best way to gain experience, explore different area within your job field and work close to executives in a company! I was fortunate to have four wonderful internships in the beginning of my career. It is because of those experiences I am where I am today (really).

See  great opportunities in NY, Italy and even virtually below:

International Internships with Global Experiences (WorldWide)

My internship in Florence (Back in 2006) was set up by a company called Global Experiences. This program afforded me the opportunity to fall in love with Italy. This experience helped shape my goals and just 2 years after this career move, I gained dual-citizenship and then moved back to Florence.

Through GE's expert team, they can place you in just about any field that you dream throughout the world!

Learn more about it here.

Video via  Global Experiences.com

Internship with Creative People in Florence (Florence, Italy)

Creative People in Florence offers internships for those interested in the arts. By interning with CPIF young professionals will learn what it's like to be a part of an international community of creative professionals while also establishing skills in such areas as blogging, social media management, writing and publicizing.

This group of individuals are some the kindest, coolest and hard-working creative people I know in all of Italy. If you are into the art then I would not miss this opportunity!

Find out more details and apply here.

Internship in Jewelry Design (Florence, Italy)

This internship is great for someone interested in learning more about social media campaigns and eCommerce especially as it relates to the fashion & design industry or someone interested in learning more about starting a business.

Intern will have the opportunity to work directly with the designer as well as network with other creative professionals in the Florence area. (Sara will be a great mentor)!

Schedule an interview here.

photo courtesy of creative people in florence 

photo courtesy of creative people in florence 

Internship with FLYTE * Foundation For Learning and Youth Travel Education (Virtual)

FLYTE is a nonprofit agency providing funding, teacher support, and itinerary and trip planning for high school students in underserved communities to travel and expand their cultural, academic, and social horizons.

Organization Mission: FLYTE works with students in underserved communities to promote the benefits of travel, education, and cultural awareness through the creation, funding, and management of overseas trips. 

Interns will have the opportunity to help maintain social media campaigns, learn about the funding process as well as learn what it takes to run a non-profit.

Find out more and schedule an interview with one of the co-founders here.

Photo courtesy of FLYTE | Erica Virvo 

Photo courtesy of FLYTE | Erica Virvo 

Inspiring Minds, Great Networking Events, Podcasts, etc.

photo Courtsey of oggi america 

photo Courtsey of oggi america 

It is so important to keep learning from others. My co-panelists from the NOIAW event are not only amazing  but also offer fabulous opportunities (in addition to their own personal businesses) to grow in your career! My advice is to try and connect with these wonderful women! 

Mickela Mallozi is known for being the star and creator of her  Emmy® Award-winning show the Bare Feet® Series. But did you know she also is the Director of the NY Women's Travel Fest. This annual conference has a mission is to inspire, empower, and connect women through travel.  For more information, go to WomensTravelFest.com – upcoming festival takes place 2017 in NYC. I personally look forward to this event every year and highly recommend attending.

Joan Pelzer is a social media guru, CEO of Joan Pelzer Media and also runs a business empowerment podcast: 21 Century Entrepreneur. Check out her website for some inspiration!

 Amy Peloso is a Certified Life Coach and Chief Visionary and Client Advisor at The Queen Bee NYC. She’s on a mission to connect people with their purpose and give them the clarity, confidence and courage to fulfill it. She acts as a sounding board, supporter and steady guide for those looking to manage change and transformation in their careers and lives. She is also a dear friend of mine and basically coaches me through life ;)!

Nikki Padilla is an inspiring, young freelancer across a variety of mediums. She is constantly finding new ways to progress in her travel career (and to support her own travel ambitions). She is also a friendly and generous person who I know would love to give some great advice to help motivate others! 

Travel italian style women group tour 2015 | tuscany 

Travel italian style women group tour 2015 | tuscany 

Create a Power Routine

Lastly, if you are still not feeling motivated to work towards your dream then it is time to look at your routine. Are you feeding your mind, body and soul with goodness? Are you surrounded by draining people or maybe even isolating yourself?

To quote Tony Robbins, " The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." If something is not working then take steps to alter your path.

This brings me back to the idea that  your mind, health and physical well being are the core foundation behind this idea!

I decided to share my daily morning ritual. Again, this works for me but see what works for you.

What can you do to inspire yourself as soon as you wake up? What one positive habit can you add into your day?

  • I rise and shine somewhere between 6:15am-7:00am
  • Set my intention for the day in my 5-Minute Journal
  • Get dressed and work out (running, gym, yoga, Pilates, beachbody, anything to get moving)
  • Return to drink some sort of green, carrot or any healthy juice
  • Enjoy lots of espresso  (ok that is not healthy but I like it )
  • I then turn on my motivational speeches from the great Jim Carrey, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, or even Jimmy Valvano

I know my mindset for the day is going to determine the outcome so that is why I try my best to keep this positive daily routine. Remember change your thoughts, change your world!

What are your career dreams? Take a second, picture yourself doing just this and then go pursue it! Half the battle is just showing up!

 Don't be afraid to take the first step and remember there are so many other's out there just like myself that are here to support you on this journey!


"I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames"

-Les Brown


If you'd like to talk more about the post above feel free to contact us at info@travelitalianstyle.com.


Disclosure: Please note that one or two of the links provided above are affiliate links. Because I BELIEVE in these programs I recommend them, I personally feel that they can be a real game changer. This basically means that Travel Italian Style receives a commission on any purchases you make through the links.  In the online world, we are a team and our mission is to change the lives of others together! You will not only be helping yourself by making these purchases but also Travel Italian Style and our partners. Grazie Mille!