Meet Kelly Lewis! The Go! Girls Guide Guru!

Meet Kelly Lewis, who is one of our Inspiring Women Features!

Kelly Lewis is the Founder of Go! Girl Guides, which publishes guidebooks for inspiring women to connect through travel while staying healthy and safe.


Kelly is also a writer and travel enthusiast. Her Women’s Travel Fest event from March 4-6, 2016 is surely going to be an incredible way to meet, learn and connect with other women who love to explore and discover the world! 




How the Women's Travel Event Came About: When brainstorming for this event Kelly wanted to make it as “Well-rounded as possible”. She started to build workshops and panels from common concerns women have while traveling, how to dress, which countries are safest for LGBT and common things that keep women traveling. The best way to get these answers is to go directly to the source of people who specialize in these topics and have them speak at the event. 

Kelly is very excited about many aspects of the event. In particular seeing and meeting one of her idols Miki Agrawal, the founder of THINX and the author of Do Cool SH*T. Another exciting and important topic she is ready for is “Overcoming Emotional Obstacles”. Topics like this are very real and important to discuss. 

 Kelly wants women to leave the event feeling inspired to plan their next trip, more importantly feel inspired to change their lives.

To change their lives in whichever way makes them happy whether it be to quit their job or find a job that allows them to travel more. Or to just take more time off. If this is how women will leave the event then she feels that it was a success! 



 An inspiring story of her own is one that just happened recently. She was having Sunday brunch with a friend and was saying how she really wanted to go to Iceland. That night she went home and started to look at flights, and found one for only $200 roundtrip leaving the next day! She decided to spontaneously book it and left that next day, solo bound for Iceland. She said it was one of the best trips she’d ever taken. The feeling of freedom and liberation was empowering!

“How amazing to live in a world where we can wake up the next day and go anywhere we want, if we so choose it.” 

Nothing in life is easy, especially travel or solo travel but if we use the resources we can gain from travel professionals and the strength & passion we have inside...well anything is possible! Travel Italian Style is thankful to be connected to such inspiring and dedicated women in the travel industry that do work just like us! We hope you will take that leap and explore the world because you just might just change the world, just like Kelly has!


To learn more about Kelly Lewis, Go! Girl Guides and The Women’s Travel Fest head to


We are so excited to meet Kelly this upcoming week at the New York Times Travel Show during her  book signing on Sunday, January 10th at 4:45pm! Find out more information here!

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