Introducing the Newest Travel App!

By: Halie Taylor

Have you ever returned home from a trip and racked your brain for that restaurant name where you enjoyed that oh-so amazing gnocchi?  I always blame the wine for that, just FYI.

What about the time you were on a search for pictures taken during last year's vacation only to finally give up because it became such a daunting task? Or even better do you have 10,000 unorganized scattered notes saved on Evernote from your last trip to NYC? 

an unforgetable capture by ilana during her travels

an unforgetable capture by ilana during her travels

Well then meet our featured CEO, Ilana Golan the Founder of the time saving, convenient and newest travel app out there: Stiya!

What is Stiya? Well, it is a self-writing journal for your mobile phone! 

"We are all human. We are meant to explore, unearth new adventures, and share in rich and rewarding experiences without interrupting those moments to write them down. Stiya will document it for you by automatically creating beautiful, searchable, and shareable daily journals. Let Stiya help, so you can enjoy life and have all those precious memories in your pocket."

Wow, we are excited and impressed. What was even more impressive was the mission behind the invention. Ilana's passion for travel did trigger the idea but, there is much more behind it!

It was her desire to help preserve details that sometimes get forgotten about during travels and in life. It is the small memories that drift from our mind mid-week after adventures have come and gone.

Certain that there was a way to remedy these problems, Ilana set out to pursue this concept! Her first step was making that bold leap and quitting her full time job. Still juggling motherhood, research and overall daily life the next thing she gave up was the travel.

Although these sacrifices were not easy to handle, she was determined to use the time to complete this project. In doing so Ilana found herself on the precipice of an extraordinary tool for all travelers.

photo credit ilana golan

photo credit ilana golan

The result? In the end, the hard work and sacrifice paid off. Now that Stiya has launched, Ilana can get back to her passion and purpose: travel and adventure. To Ilana the best part is that she can now share it with so many others!

Through the creation of Stiya, Ilana has given travelers an easy way to keep track of everything they experience-the delicious cafe in France, the beach in Costa Rica, the villa in Italy. 

Maps of the area, your location, your photos and your notes can all be documented and captured by Stiya. It is a private journal that is also shareable with family and friends!

Where is she looking forward to using this app next you might ask, in Italia of course! Her past trips to places such as Rome, Capri and Tuscany fostered a love for Italy and it's people. Like Travel Italian Style, Ilana is a fan of everything Italy has to offer: great food, amazing scenery, inspiring people and a culture like no other! Now she is ready to bring her trip to the next level with Stiya during her Toscana 2016 adventures. 

We love it! A way to track all of our favorite gelateria's?! Yes, please! 

Travel Italian Style also found that the connection with Ilana didn't just stop at our mutual love of Italy. Instead, we found yet another amazing connection with Ilana because of her mission to help women in travel. As someone who has visited over 100 countries she knows how stressful and scary it can be. Her next goal is to focus on helping women feel safer and more comfortable with their adventures, especially solo-travelers. 

In time, she hopes her app will not only be a way for people to remember their travels but also be a way for women to share information about an area. 

Well Ilana, you are not the only one excited to use Stiya in Italy & overall travel! Our tour guests & solo adventure clients are going to love this!! 


Want to know more about Stiya?! Check out the links below! 

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What do you think of  Stiya ?! How do you currently keep track of all of your travel info on the road? We would love to hear more below!

Our upcoming tours to Italy will prove to be a magical experience for everyone in the group. By making use of Ilana’s app Travel Italian Style tour members will be able to carry every detail of their trip back home with them, so be sure to check out Stiya in the Apple app store and TIS 2016 tours!



Meet Halie

Halie is the Travel Marketing Trends Coordinator for Travel Italian Style and is currently a senior at College of Charleston in Charleston, SC where she is majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Living in Charleston, Halie developed a love for beautiful scenery and unique culture. This love led her to her passion for travel which allows her to discover beautiful scenery and unique cultures in places all over the world. When she is not daydreaming about her next traveling adventure she can be found redoing warn out furniture found on the side of the road, writing fiction and attempting Pinterest crafts.