More Hidden Beauty of Italy with Julia!

We are back today with Julia Santucci-a culture blogger and host of!

Yesterday Julia was introducing us to the famous Caffe Nocciola, today she is sharing her video stream from the off the beaten path island of Procida! 

With Procida being the smallest of the three islands surrounding the Bay of Naples we just had to include this in our upcoming Amalfi Coast Tour! Until then enjoy Julia's intro via private boat below!

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Meet Julia


Host and Blogger Julia Santucci loves sharing her hidden stories from around the world on iconic sites and perhaps people you did not know about on her websiteIcons Wanted! Julia is currently traveling Europe but she can also be found as a contributor to ONY and the Field Trip App for New York! 

"I have been exposed to unknown historical and fun facts on architecture mixed with legendary icons" - From F. Scott Fitzgerald to Grace Kelly.