Italian Heritage Trips


Family brings Italy together. Travel Italian Style now offers you the opportunity to reconnect with yours.

With our customized heritage trips you can enjoy the pleasures of an Italian vacation while having the opportunity to reconnect to your family's history. Our Italian heritage trips are easily added to a longer trip or you can choose to make your entire vacation to Italy about rediscovering your family heritage. Whether uncovering your Italian background or going to roam the same small streets of your parents or grandparents, let us guide you every step of the way.

The tour guides, transportation, the sites, the flexibility on the fly, and the very resourceful team, made this trip the most memorable that we have ever had. The highlight of the trip was meeting many family members in Italy that have also been searching for their American family. Our Italian and American family tree is now coming together after 60 years of being apart. Thanks to everyone!
— James S. Pennsylvania, USA

Highlights + possibilities FOR Your Italian Heritage Trip:

  • Learn more about your family tree with a professional genealogist

  • Hire a bilingual Italian tour guide to walk you through the streets and discover the areas where your family lived and worked 

  • BOOK A Cooking experiences + LEARN recipes from the local area THAT your family COMES FROM

  • Meet relatives and make memories together

  • ORDER A personalized family heritage album


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During your 15 minute complimentary call we will discuss your options for genealogical research and ideas to personalize your family heritage trip to Italy.

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Did you know that...

Cassandra Santoro, the Travel Italian Style CEO, went through her own genealogical journey? A Sicilian-American, she spent over seven years researching her family history and obtaining dual-citizenship for Italy and the USA. Hear Cassandra's story below where she speaks with Dolores and Anthony of the Italian American Podcast about her amazing genealogy experience: